Narrative Paintings

I have always used paintings to express my life stories. Very often this has not been obvious unless it is explained. This has never really mattered because my main concern regarding the public has been that that of presenting them with a good painting.  But I have never stopped writing and illustrating diaries and letters and for the past years have been working on a very big project, which is an illustrated autobiography.  With time the narrating of stories with text and images has been   impacting my painting more and more.

I am fascinated by medieval art and the way in which its compositions allow telling stories that are simultaneously happening in different places times and  realities.  This form of painting  is extremely useful for expressing our life in todays world, in which the internet and  other communication technologies allow us to multitask and be in more than one place at the same time.  My autobiography, narrative paintings and murals interact in a way that strengthens all its parts and allows a more powerful way of communication.