Remembering Through Objects

For a brief period after my “To my Parents” series I became interested in thrift shops.  This was a reflection on how objects can mean a lot or nothing at all, depending on who owns them and where they are.  Emptying my childhood home, removing objects from where they had been all my life, breaking their arrangements  and seeing them loose their identity  made me very sensitive to  the idea that every object has a history which will remain a secret forever.

My “Childhood” series is also a continuation of my “To my Parents” period. When I painted these images I was re living my childhood sensations of entering miniature worlds and the feeling of magic and awe that they produced.  One particular obsession I had as a child was going  “to the other side” of the paper entering the image that was  represented in it.  Breaking the boundary between the two worlds, the one inside the book illustration and the other outside where real people live was a strong desire I had as a child.